Privacy Policy

For PRIIIMO your privacy is important!


PRIIIMO use cookies during the browsing session to know the user state (if is logged in or out) during his navigation time, other cookies for preferences like language and other settings ex: themes, graphical settings, fonts, colors etc... this cookies must be used to work properly into our website if you don't agree you must exit from this website.

We use third cookies (Google Analytics) to get anonymous information about the user, such as: location, browser resolution, device type... for us are important to keep track of the visits into our websites so we can change our way of working depending on what we know. For more informations about Google Analytics click here, if you want to disable it click here

We absolutely don't collect any personal information inside the cookies.

What other informations we get?

We store a log of details about your computer IP(Internet Protocol) browser used for the only purpose of security in case of cyber attack we can expose your informations to the authorities, this kind of informations are not shown to the public users.

We get details about your account ex during the first time you log in to our website we save your name and we must save your email to log you in, the username get extracted from your first name and second name or username from the social that you used to log in the first time: Facebook, LinkedIn... We don'w save your password to prevent abuse.

We you informations that you provide us such as description or website, youtube channel, twitter account etc to show it into the public page.

Distribution of Collected Data:

We don't distribute in any way or form your informations to anyone.

Privacy Revisions:

This Privacy Policy was last revised on 14/01/20.

Every time that we change our Privacy Policy we will inform you.

Further informations

If you want further informations about how contact us, you can find more into our contact page.