The arduino board is an open-source electronics platform that lets you program a microcontroller, which can then be used to develop interactive objects and devices that can sense and control physical environments.

It is a board designed to help people who have no experience with electronics so they can learn in a easy way.

Arduino is commonly used for electronics projects. An Arduino board provides the programmer with an interface to interact with the physical world, sensing and controlling different inputs and outputs. 

The board can be programmed to read sensors and control lights, motors, speakers or any other type of output device.

You don't need to solder!

Arduino is a user-friendly device that you can easily assemble and program. You don't need to be an engineer or have any skills in soldering to use it, and the programming is easy enough for beginners.

An arduino uno board

The versatility of the Arduino board has led to many different applications, including mobile robots and 3D printers.

The Arduino family of microcontroller boards includes models such as the Uno, Arduino Mega, and the LilyPad Arduino. 

These boards are usually programmed using the Arduino programming language, which is based on wxWidgets.

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