Cookie Policy

We use Cookies for you, to save your settings and preferences. Without them we can't provide a fully working website.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of text that get saved into your device visible only by you.

You can't save that informations without Cookies?

No, we must use cookies, right now it is the only way to save informations inside a device that connects to our servers.

What Cookies you save?

We store two types of Cookies persistent and session, as the name suggests the persitent one persistent over time and we use them for saving settings like colors, language or font size over time so when you connect into our website you have this settings saved. The session Cookies are used for you session inside our website we use them to save your user state into our website for example if you are logged in, witch user you are logged with.

We user third party Cookies and they are not into our control, we use Google Analitycs to collect anonymous informations about where you are logged from witch browser your use, you screen resolution. All that info are important for us to improve our website and services.

Since Google Analytics may change his cookie naming and informations you can click here to access their documentations about all cookie details that they store.

Cookies that we save

priiimoSession cookie that stores the state of your user during the session.Session
languageSaves the language that you chosen during your session.1 year
redcookieSaves the state of your reading of the Cookie popup.1 year

I don't want to use Cookies how can i disable them?

As said we must use Cookies to work properly, you can disable third party Cookies by Google Analytics through their website at this page.

If you don't want to use Cookies you must quit our website.