how to built offline applications for android on linux with solar2dtux

Before pushing your application into the store, you may (must) want to try it for debug in a real android device so you can be sure that are no issues throughout the code.

Supposing you're running Solar2DTux on Linux, once you decide to start debugging, on the simulator click on File --> Build --> Android.

Here you have to fill some required fields such as:

  • Application Name --> Add the name of the application, make sure that it is definitive because this name will be seen from other users;
  • Application Version --> Every time, since building, you provide an update of this application, consider to put a greater number to this floating number so this application version can be recognized as the last version to use;
  • Application Version Code --> Here you have just a constant that will be updated by 1 every time you generate another version of this application;
  • Package Name --> Provide a package name that follows this syntax, it supports the reverse domain syntax so you have to start putting "com." then e.g the name of the engine used, the application type and then the title of it;
  • Application Path --> The path where the application is located;
  • Build Output Path --> The paht where the application will be located;
  • Target App Store --> Select your target;
  • Keystore --> If you can see there is a path to this field which for now is correct, but you have to re-select it to trigger a popup that allow you to insert a password. So inside /opt/Solar2D/Resources/ select debug.keystore, then type "android" as the password;
  • Key Alias --> Let it as the default.

Once it has finished its transaction, go to the Build Output Path and you'll see that Solar2DTux has generated two files: an Android App Build (.aab) and an Android Application Package (.apk).

Install the application on your own android device

Obviously you have to connect you device via usb to your pc, then inside the memory card folder find Android/obb.
Inside this folder you have to create a new folder which will take the Package Name provided earlier and then inside this folder you have to copy the two previous file that Solar2DTux has generated.

From your device:

Find the application, it should be visible when access to the menu.
Once you have find click it and hold down so a pop-up can be showed to you asking for install. Install it and the game it's done!

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