how to install luarocks on windows 10

This topic will quickly cover the installation of Luarocks on Windows 10.
Here the steps to follow:

  • Search on your browser for;
  • Click on "Install" up on the site's top bar;
  • Scroll down to the "Installing" section and click "Installation instructions for Windows";
  • Click on the link provided by the second point list or click on "latest file here";
  • Download the package named " (legacy Windows package, includes Lua 5.1)" --> Save --> Extract
  • As the installation guide suggest you have to download Microsoft Visual Studio;
  • After the installation open its Command Prompt integrated --> View --> Terminal;
  • From the terminal change directory inside the file you have extracted earlier the run this command --> ".\INSTALL.BAT /F";
  • Say yes to administrator privileges request;
  • Copy the path to their specific location;
  • Now if you run "luarocks" you'll see a detailed helper guide in order to use it.
lua luarocks installation guide
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