how to share files between windows and linux

Supposing you are running Windows inside Virtual Box, what you have to do is:

  • Create a folder that will be the shared folders between these two OS;
  • Start Windows on Virtual Box;
  • Click on "Devices" --> "Shared Folders" --> "Shared Folders Settings";
  • Select "Machine Folders" --> click on the button with a sign of "+", then add the path of the folder you created before on Linux;
  • Tick the "Make Permanent" checkbox;
  • Go to "Network" --> Select "NAT" from the drop down options for "Attached to" ;
  • Go to "File Explorer";
  • Click on "Devices" --> "Insert Guest Addition CD Image";
  • Run the installer you just have enabled and then Reboot your Virtual System.

At starting up Windows again:

  • Go to "File Explorer";
  • Click on "Tool" --> "Map Network Drive";
  • Now you have to select a drive letter and the folder you want to as shared;
  • A new window should appear and this is the place where you can drag and drop files, documents, music...

If you want to follow these processes through a video, please consider this tutorial:

linux windows shared files