how to install blender on linux

Easy and fast tutorial on how to install blender on linux. I'm using elementary os but you can follow along with pretty any other debian distribution (I'm not sure about others); So if you have Linux mint, ubuntu, xubuntu etc... you can follow along :D

Install or Update blender? don't worry

Installing or updating blender on linux sadly is the same process you have to reinstall it again so let's get started!

Downloading blender

Super easy let's jump into their website and click into the download section that you can find up in the menu.

Download process of blender

Click into Download Blender... The process may change if they change their website... but probably it will be the same process...

Time to install blender

After we have finished to downloading it we have into the place where we have our file, in my case under Downloads.

Unpack it by typing

- tar xvf [package_name].tar.gz

Obviously you have to change the brackets package_name into the name of your file.

It will unpack it into a folder in the same location usually named blender-2.91 (or whatever version you had)

Now let's move our folder into /opt/ by typing

- sudo mv blender-2.91 /opt/blender

Now the last thing that we have to do is create a symbolic link, to do so we have to type the following command

sudo ln /opt/blender/blender /sbin/blender

That means that will create a link connecting the blender file to the blender command inside sbin so in that way whenever we type blender it will open up blender.

That's it we are good to go, thank you for reading se you next time :)

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