From Solar2D:

Solar2D is a Lua based game engine with focus on ease of iterations and usage This is a fully open source project that is forked of the well established and widely used Corona SDK game engine, which is no longer commercially supported.
Development is lead by Vlad Shcherban, former technical lead engineer at Corona Labs Inc. If you are using this engine, consider supporting its development.

It Provide a large variety of features:

  • Cross-platform Develop for mobile, desktop, and connected TV devices with just one code base: iOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, macOS, Windows, Linux or HTML5;
  • Plugins for all needs Select from numerous plugins which extend the Solar2D core for features like in-app advertising, analytics, media, and much more;
  • Call any native library If it’s not already in the core or supported via a plugin, you can call any native (C/C++/Obj-C/Java) library or API using Solar2D Native;
  • Production ready Solar2D is official fork of Corona SDK, which has been in active development for over 10 years, and used by hundreds of thousands of apps and developers;
  • Lua-based Lua is an open source scripting language designed to be lightweight, fast, yet also powerful. Lua is currently the leading scripting language in games and has been utilized in Warcraft ™, Angry Birds ™, Civilization ™ and many other popular franchises;
  • Completely free No hidden fees, charges, or royalties. No matter if you are an indie developer or a large publisher, you will never pay for using the engine;
  • Privacy aware Solar2D would not track your users. No anonymized data gathering, no server calls. Nothing. Games you build only make network requests you asked for;
  • Community Join a vibrant community of thousands developers using Solar2D for live games on Forums or Discord chat;
  • Open Source All source code and resources are available under MIT license.

If you want to download it visit its github page of releases!
If you want to try it visit its playground here!
And if you want to get all its documentation ...

Corona has been rebranded to Solar2D

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