When we refer to software whe should think about all the abstract part of the computer, this is the same reason why is called software in contrast with hardware that is the is about the phisical world of computer.

Softwares can be seen as group of machine instructions needed to reach a goal. Enters into the category of softwares: Operative Systems, applications, games.

There are many different types of software available to people who use computers. The most common type of software is the application that allows you to do certain tasks, such as word processing. Another type of software is an operating system that runs on your computer and manages all the other applications that you are using.

With software we refer to mobile and other devices too not only computer | All the advancements in mobile technology have had a significant impact on the way we do business. For example, last year's Super Bowl was the first ever to be live streamed across all social media platforms and the number of mobile users who watched it online exceeded those who watched it on TV.

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