Operative System

Operative System, usually abbreviated as O.S., is a software that provides the interface between the computer hardware and the user.

Operative systems are designed specifically to work on specific platforms, so they are not compatible with other platforms.

An example of an operative system is Windows, which is designed for Microsoft's Windows platform.

It performs various functions such as running applications, managing memory and resources, differentiating between hardware devices etc.

The operative system manages the execution process of an application or program by assigning memory space to it while controlling input and output devices like mouse device or keyboard etc.

Other Operative Systems

The O.S. it is not only about computer but include smartphones, Mobile operative systems are operating systems that are designed for use on smartphones and other mobile devices. The most widespread of these is Apple's iOS, but there are many others, including Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, Firefox OS and Sailfish OS.

Operative system software has grown to be an essential part of the smartphone industry. It is the main feature that distinguishes one phone from another. Companies like Apple Inc., Google Inc., Microsoft Corporation and BlackBerry Limited have made it their goal to create the best operative system possible in order to stand apart from their competitors.

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