use interactive mode

The Interactive mode is a way to get instantly some results as output.
First of all you need to install lua on your machine so i suggest you to follow this simpleguide.

Don't worry is pretty simple to do, once you have installed lua, open up your terminal or console and type the command "lua -i", even "lua" will work the same.

Lua 5.4.0  Copyright (C) 1994-2020, PUC-Rio

This is what you have to see after the command.
Now you can give it some variable, tables or whaatever you want and do your stuff.

For example:

> num = 2
> print(num^2)


Just press "Ctrl" + "c" from the keyboard and the interactive mode will no longer be availabla until you don't call it again.

lua interactive mode lua mode
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